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How does the quota system work?

In order to accurately measure and manage the usage of our chatbot, we have implemented a token system. This system allows us to track and allocate resources based on the number of tokens consumed by each user. By doing so, we can ensure fairness and optimize the availability of the chatbot for all users.

To maintain fairness, we have established certain restrictions that are directly tied to the financial contributions made by users to our platform. This approach ensures that occasional users can still enjoy free access to the chatbot while allowing us to provide a greater leeway and enhanced features for our paid subscribers. Through this tiered approach, we aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our user base.

It is important to note that our chatbot relies on OpenAI’s API service, which incurs expenses whenever users engage with it. The utilization of the system, including processing natural language queries and generating responses, requires computational resources and infrastructure. As a result, we have established a fair pricing structure that takes into account the costs associated with providing this service.

By employing this token-based system and considering the financial contributions of our users, we ensure that our chatbot remains accessible and sustainable for all while maintaining the quality and reliability of the service. We appreciate the understanding and support of our users as we strive to deliver an exceptional chatbot experience.

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