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How can I save my conversations?

Our team is dedicated to providing our users with a secure and private platform for interacting with our chatbot. However, one of the challenges we are currently facing is finding a way to implement a certain feature while also ensuring that it is anonymous. We understand how important it is for our users to have their privacy protected, and we are committed to upholding that value.

To achieve this, we take various measures to ensure that we do not collect any personally identifiable information about our users. While we do store logs of how the chatbot is used, we do not see who is having the conversations. This means that we cannot link any specific user to the chats they have had with our chatbot.

Our team is continuously exploring new ways to improve our platform, and we are confident that we will find a solution to this challenge. In the meantime, we appreciate the patience and understanding of our users as we work towards providing the best possible experience while maintaining their privacy and security. As a temporary solution you can download a simple text file with every conversation by clicking on the download icon as displayed below:

Screenshot 2023 07 06 at 8.54.12 pm

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