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Can I use the Human Design chatbot to generate content?

The chatbot has been designed to provide people with a comprehensive understanding of their Human Design. It is a tool that has been created with the aim of empowering as many people as possible with this knowledge. We understand that there may be heavy usage of the chatbot, which is why we politely ask you to purchase paid plans for any such usage. These tokens help us cover the significant costs that are incurred in providing this tool for free to users.

We are committed to making sure that our users have access to high-quality content and resources related to Human Design. As such, we believe that it is essential to maintain the chatbot and ensure its smooth functioning. The contributions made by our users through token purchases are critical in enabling us to continue providing this service to everyone.

We hope that you will be respectful towards others while using the chatbot. If you plan on generating Human Design content, we request you to contribute financially to the project. This will help us maintain the chatbot and ensure that we can provide access to it for free to light users. We believe that everyone should have access to this valuable tool, and your financial contribution will help us achieve this goal.

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