Your sensitivity is a gift to the world. Your energetic aura is sampling, which means you can sense and feel the physical and emotional health of an environment or group of people. You have the gift of objectivity to discern what is working correctly or not. Being the unique and rare being as you are, you are approximately 1% of the population.

You may desire a pleasant environment and a good balance of alone time and time with others. With your unique gift to absorb the energy of your surroundings, you must prioritize time to slow down.

Potential challenges you may feel as a Reflector are a sense of constant pressure and not knowing when enough is enough. You are not here for a typical 9-5 job. You need one that makes you feel good and give you the freedom that supports your cycle of rest. You may feel like you don’t know who you are when you merge with people and environments. You must spend your time being in your energy and flow to get to know yourself. You have the gift of depth and dislike things when they’re only at the superficial level, so go deep in understanding and loving yourself.

Many people around you could feel really seen and heard by you, as you may trigger something in them. Therefore, you also need a friend to listen and see you for who you are, not a partial reflection of others. You are full of wisdom and you thrive when your people respect and value your wisdom and perspective. To manage your energy, it is wise to have standards regarding which people and places you want to invest your energy in.

Being a Reflector, all your Human Design energy centers are open or undefined. With no defined energy centers to process your decision-making strategy, you can rely on an outer authority which is “wait for a lunar cycle.”