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          Farrah Fawcett's Biography

          American actress, a model and commercial actress before becoming a star during her one season in the TV hit series Charlie’s Angels in 1976.
          Fawcett was the daughter of a pipe fitter and a homemaker, raised in Texas. She was named one of the ten most beautiful women on the school campus in 1965. Her first commercials in 1968 were appropriately for toothpaste and hair products. Her tumbling golden hair, whiter-than-white teeth and slender shape graced one of the biggest-selling posters of all time.
          In the ’80s she shed her pretty-girl image for more substantial acting roles on film and on stage, and she earned an Emmy nomination for her TV movie The Burning Bed.
          She married actor Lee Majors in 1973. She was still married to Majors when she met Ryan O’Neal, beginning a flaming romance with him in 1979. In July she left Majors and by fall, moved into O’Neal’s beach-front Malibu home. They stayed in their relationship for 17 years, with son Redmond born in 1985. On 22 February 1997, she and O’Neal announced that it was over. They remained committed to a joint upbringing of Redmond, then 12.
          Fawcett formed a tempestuous relationship with director James Orr. By January 1998 their fights became visibly public in the pages of the scandal sheets in which mutual accusations were flung along with blows. She allegedly broke up housekeeping with a baseball bat, and Orr was found guilty of “dating battery” on 18 August 1998 in a court case that stemmed from an incident in January. He was convicted of hitting Fawcett and shoving her head against the ground, facing a $6,000 fine and up to as much as a year in jail.
          In early 2001, Fawcett was quoted as saying that she’d never been friendly with any of her ex-lovers and while her breakup with Ryan O’Neal was as passionate as their affair, they were committed to a deep friendship and mutual care of their son Redmond, 15.
          In 2001, her sister Diane died of lung cancer and in 2005 her mother died. On 29 September 2006, after undergoing medical tests for fatigue and other symptoms, Fawcett got the devastating news that she was suffering from anal cancer. She underwent chemotherapy amid support from her family and her ex-husband Ryan O’Neal. In February 2007 she was declared in remission but a few months later, in mid-May, she learned that the cancer had recurred. She passed away on 25 June 2009 shortly before 9:30 AM local time in a Santa Monica hospital.
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