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          Britney Spears's Biography

          Britney Spears Human Design Chart – Britney is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, a fabulous success by age 19. Credited with influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s, Spears is referred to as the “Princess of Pop”. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide.
          Spears was already a pro at the age of 11 when she joined Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club show. She performed since early childhood in local dance reviews and church choirs. From age 8 to 11, she trained at New York’s Off-Broadway Dance Center and the Professional Performing Arts School. During that time, she began doing commercials and stage appearances, already showing the talent and drive to go all the way to the top. She took part of some off-Broadway productions including Ruthless in 1991, based on the 1956 thriller The Bad Seed. She says she enjoyed playing an evil child…that it was a lot of fun!
          According to her mother, Lynne, Britney started talking early and loved music from the time she was a sweet toddler, learning to dance as soon as she was on her feet. She was soon enrolled in tumbling class, tap and gymnastics. Full of energy, she excelled in gymnastics where she practised up to the time she was nine. After two years with Disney, she had one normal year of high school at 14.
          The beautiful teenager never did have a conventional lifestyle, and by 17 she was plunged into the show-biz world of tours, photo-shoots and adoring fans. Her magic began to spread. Even before her first album came out, legions of people were becoming her fans on the strength of her performances at local malls and her sensational turn as the opening act for the popular group ‘Nsync.
          She signed to Jive Records in 1997 at age 15 and issued her first LP, Baby One More Time in 1999. The record was a massive hit, topping the charts and reeling off a series of radio smash singles. It became the best-selling album ever released by a teenage girl.
          During 1999, Britney was nominated for two Grammys (including the coveted Best New Artist), swept the 1999 MTV Europe Awards (where she nabbed Best Female, Best Pop, Best Breakthrough Artist and Best song), brought her explosive live show around the globe and appeared on every major televised award show both in the USA and in Europe. Her trim teen-age figure and scant costumes were seen on every magazine cover.
          Oops! I Did It Again followed in the spring of 2000, sexy, sassy and solidly in control. Her showmanship was maturing along with her musical sophistication. She attributes her wonderful success to her family and her faith in God. Her mother says Britney’s focus and determination have also helped her achieve all that she has.
          Spears and her mother wrote a book, Heart To Heart, published in 2000. She created the Britney Spears Foundation in conjunction with the Giving Back Fund with a first endowment of the formation of a performing arts summer camp for underprivileged kids in Massachusetts. “I’m so happy to be able to give kids the opportunity to learn about the amazing world of dance and music that I’ve have been lucky enough to have in my own life.”
          Married and separated within 55 hours on a weekend, Spears and hubby Jason Allen Alexander (not of Seinfeld fame), apparently a childhood friend, filed for an annulment, which was effective on 5 January 2004. The wedding took place in Las Vegas on an impulse early in the morning of 3 January 2004. The bride wore a baseball cap and jeans and was accompanied down the aisle of the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas by a hotel bellman. The groom was back in his Louisiana hometown on Sunday, the 4th. Apparently the whole wedding was staged as a “joke that went too far.”
          On 16 June 2004, the star announced that her plans for a national Summer tour had been cancelled because of a knee injury sustained while filming a music video on 8 June 2004 in Queens, New York. She underwent arthroscopic surgery on 9 June in New York to correct her damaged knee cartilage. Her website reported that “Ms. Spears will be immobile for 6 weeks, with her knee in a hard brace. This will be followed by a minimum of 8-12 weeks of rehabilitation.” Cancellation of the tour cost the singer millions of dollars in revenue and put about 100 staffers out of work for the Summer.
          Spears held a wedding ceremony with dancer Kevin Federline on 18 September 2004 in Studio City, California, scheduled for 8:00 PM. They were not legally married until three weeks later on 6 October due to a delay finalizing the couple’s prenuptial agreement.
          The singer gave birth to a boy, Sean Preston Federline, at 12:57 PM on 14 September 2005 in Santa Monica, California. The child was born via Caesarean section. Spears gave birth to her second child, a son named Jayden James Federline, on 12 September 2006 at 1:11 AM in Los Angeles.
          After only two years of marriage, she filed for divorce from Kevin Federline on 7 November 2006 in Los Angeles. The Spears-Federline divorce became final on 30 July 2007.
          She was often in the news for increasingly bizarre and often self-destructive behaviour. On 16 February 2007, she walked into a just-closed beauty salon demanding to have her head shaved. A few days later she admitted herself to a rehabilitation centre, left for one day and then re-entered. She had reportedly suffered a breakdown that was attributed to post-partum depression, alcohol, and/or drugs.
          Twice in early 2008 she seemed to suffer from severe episodes of mental illness. Whether alcohol or drug use contributed is unknown. On 4 January 2008 she refused to relinquish her children to their father who had custody. After arguing with police who suspected she had taken an unknown substance, she was admitted to a hospital shortly after midnight on 4 January 2008. Later that day, a judge revoked her child visitation rights. She was released on 5 January, but reports of strange behaviour continued. On 31 January, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
          Spears’s sixth studio album, Circus (2008), included global chart-topping lead single “Womanizer”. Its supporting tour “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” was one of the highest-grossing global concert tours in 2009. Later that October, “3” became Spears’s third single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale (2011), became her first to yield three top-ten singles in the United States: “Hold It Against Me”, “Till the World Ends” and “I Wanna Go”.
          She served as a judge during the second season of the American version of The X Factor, leaving after that season. Spears’s eponymous eighth studio album Britney Jean was released in 2013. Later that year, Spears began the four-year residency show Britney: Piece of Me at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.
          In late 2016, she began dating “Slumber Party”‘s music video co-star Sam Asghari after the two met on set.
          On 4 January 2019, Spears announced an “indefinite work hiatus” and the cancellation of her planned Las Vegas residency after her father, Jamie, suffered a near-fatal colon rupture. In March 2019, Andrew Wallet resigned as her co-conservator of her estate after 11 years. Spears entered a psychiatric facility amidst stress from her father’s illness that same month. The following month, a podcast alleged that Jamie had cancelled the planned residency due to Spears’s refusal to take her medication, that he had been holding her in the facility against her will since January 2019 after she violated a no-driving rule, and that her conservatorship was supposed to end in 2009. This gave rise to a movement to terminate the conservatorship, dubbed #FreeBritney. It garnered support from a number of celebrities, as well as the nonprofit organization the American Civil Liberties Union.
          During a May 2019 hearing, Judge Brenda Penny ordered “an expert evaluation” of the conservatorship. In September 2019, Spears’s ex-husband Federline obtained a restraining order against her father following an alleged physical altercation between her father and one of her sons. On 17 August, Spears’ court-appointed lawyer had submitted a court filing that documented Spears’s desire to have her conservatorship altered to “reflect […] her current lifestyle and her stated wishes”, to instate Spears’s longtime care manager, Jodi Montgomery, as her permanent conservator, and to replace Jamie with “a qualified corporate fiduciary” as conservator of her estate; this arrangement was extended until February 2021. In November 2020, Judge Penny had approved Bessemer Trust as co-conservator of Spears’s estate alongside her father Jamie.
          On 22 June 2021, shortly before Spears was set to speak to the court, The New York Times obtained confidential court documents stating that Spears had pushed for years to end her conservatorship. Spears spoke to the court on 23 June, calling the conservatorship “abusive,” claiming that she had been forced to take the drug lithium against her will and that she was prohibited from marrying or removing a birth control device.
          As Spears spoke to the court, various celebrities shared their support for her on social media. Her court statement got widespread media coverage and generated over 1 million shares on Twitter, over 500,000 messages using the tag #FreeBritney, and more than 150,000 messages with a new hashtag referencing the court appearance, #BritneySpeaks.
          In 2022, she recorded a duet “Hold me closer” with Elton John, on the French Riviera.
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